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Tires & Wheels

We install and balance all major Tires & Wheels, Why wait for them to go on sale. At Matt’s Shop they are always at cost plus labor.
Just give us a call and find out what is “out the door price”, make sure when comparing with others that you ask them for “out the door price”.

To show you the kind of care Matt takes with his customers, a lady come in one time with a Hummer, she installed new wheels and tires when it was brand new. The Hummer rode very rough, she was told that it was because of over size tires. When she brought it to Matt for new tires, Matt proceeded to balance the tires and notice a defect in the wheel that was causing the wheel not to seat properly on to the balance machine, he took a grinder and ground down the excess bead of weld and balance the tires. The lady came to pick up the truck and when she got down the road she called Matt and asked him “What did you do to my Hummer? It has never rode this smooth!!”. That is just the extra care Matt takes when he works on your vehicle.

If you have any questions about your car, please do not hesitate to call Matt, he is here to help you and be your service technician.

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