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Welcome to Auto Matt’s Auto Service & Repair Website. We would like to introduce our selves to you. The company was started and incorporated in 2007 by Matthew Street (President) and David Furukawa (Vice President).  Matthew Street has been a certified mechanical technician since 1988 and has shown advanced knowledge of all types of vehicle repairs. He has for years dreamed of opening his own shop that was honest and reputable for its workmanship. Matthew is married to Sandra Street who has helped him get the family owned business off the ground. Matt and Sandra have eight children and they know the challenges that come with maintaining a family budget, often when peoples cars break down, they are so afraid to take it to just any auto repair shop because of what it might cost and their lack of understanding of what is wrong. Matt is very understanding and will take the time to explain what is wrong and show you, he will also give you options on what is absolutely necessary and what can wait, he is the mechanic that is on your side.

Matt is committed to making honest quotes and giving the best prices for all your automotive needs.

Just stop in and talk with Matt, get to know him or call him with any questions you may have.


Tire, wheels, brakes, mufflers, AC, electrical, engine tunes, diagnostics, oil changes, foreign or domestic.

ASE Certified 
Master Tech With
20 Years Experience

Mechanical Repairs

Matt Street is completely equipped for full engine rebuilds to routine maintenance.

Tires & Wheels

We install and balance all major Tires & Wheels, Why wait for them to go on sale. At Matt’s Shop they are always at cost plus labor.

Additional Services

Matt also installs all kinds of after market accessories, such as lift kits, Exhaust systems, hydraulics, custom engines, wheelchair lifts, trailer hitches, grills, side bars, winches, just about anything you can think of.

Contact Us

Matt’s Auto Service & Repair is on the North Jacksonville, Florida also known as Ocean Way Area. Located 1/4 of mile south of Pecan Park Rd on Main Street.
12635-2 N. Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32218

If you have any questions about your car, please do not hesitate to call Matt, he is here to help you and be your service technician.

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